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  • Workshop Chair - Al Hill, GISP, GIS Manager, Volusia County
  • Exhibit and Vendors - Nancy Church, GISP, GIS Analyst, Volusia County
  • Facility / Location - Mira Bourova, GISP GIS Analyst, LYNX
  • Map Gallery - Michael Schmedt, GISP, Sr. GIS Analyst, HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Marketing - Lakshmi Sankaran, GISP, SDE Admin, Seminole County
  • Program - Patrick Phillips, GISP, GIS Analyst/Programmer, Southeastern Surveying and Mapping
  • Registration - Tammi Rhodes, GISP, Sr. GIS Analyst, Seminole County
  • Website - Lakshmi Sankaran, GISP, Seminole County
  • Webmaster - Derek Bryan, Data Transfer Solutions